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Niall Macpherson

Niall has spent the more than thirty years involved with doors and windows. At various points he has covered almost all aspects of running a window company. He has dealt with all market sectors, domestic, trade, commercial and new build.

Niall first started writing software for window production on a Commodore Pet 16K around 1980! Things have moved on a little since then and the equipment and software have transformed in size and capability. As well as software for the estimating and production side of the business Niall has been heavily involved in the marketing and sales activities. This has included devising and overseeing the development of custom software for graphically building a product specification whilst in face-to-face with the client. This was part of a suite of modules that worked under a CRM package.

Having been at the sharp end dealing with all levels of clients when things have gone awry, Niall is keenly aware of the need to be able to accurately and dependably meet or exceed customer expectations. He has seen how properly set up systems in combination with professional users can drive down margins and push up profits, whilst making customers want to come back for more.

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